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What are Cold Sores?

How do Cold Sores Spread?

How to Treat Cold Sores?


Olive leaves have been used by natural healers for thousands of years.  Now Oleavicin has captured those healing properties to help you get rid of your cold sore overnight!


"I don't worry about cold sores anymore. Oleavicin helps prevent breakouts before they start."

Humans have struggled with cold sores for centuries. That’s because anyone with an active cold sore can pass it to other people through simple skin-to-skin contact. Don’t risk spreading your cold sores. Oleavicin’s formula can help you get rid of your cold sores overnight, or even prevent them altogether! In fact, in the US alone more than 95% of the population is carrying the virus that causes cold sores. That’s millions of people and millions of ways to come into contact with the disease.

A kiss, a shared fork or drinking glass, even a touch of the active cold sore can sometimes spread the virus that causes cold sores, canker sores and fever blisters.

So until the blister heals, keep your hands on your Oleavicin and away from your cold sore.