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What are Cold Sores?

How do Cold Sores Spread?

How to Treat Cold Sores?


Developed with the help of virologists, Oleavicin delivers prescription-strength cold sore relief without the potential harshness of a pharmaceutical.


You feel it. That little tingle on your lips lets you know a cold sore is on its way.

Despite the advances in medical and pharmaceutical science, there are no cold sore remedies that are proven to eliminate the virus that causes cold sores, canker sores and fever blisters, and completely remove them overnight.

But there is an effective all-natural choice designed to break the viral infection cycle. When you feel a cold sore or fever blister coming on, don’t wait. Immediately reach for olive leaf extract to soothe, relieve and protect your most delicate skin. Reach for gentle and powerful Oleavicin, and get results now!

Apply at the first sign of cold sore activity – as soon as you feel the tingle, feel the bump or see any redness or change in your skin.
Keep the area clean and apply Oleavicin directly to the cold sore. You can apply cosmetics over Oleavicin.
Always wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap or use hand sanitizer before and after treating your cold sore, canker sore or fever blister.
Leave your cold sore, canker sore or fever blister alone while it’s healing. Irritating it will only prolong the healing process.
See your doctor or pharmacist if your cold sore lasts more than 10 days.