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The Oleavicin Advantage

High-Potency Olive Leaf Extract

Oleavicin's Exclusive Formula 

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Fever blisters and cold sores can cause physical as well as emotional pain.  Cure your fever blister and put an end to your discomfort with Oleavicin.


"I've tried the others, but nothing works like Oleavicin's olive leaf extract.  I can feel it working on contact."

You want to cure your fever blister or cold sore with the fastest, most effective, most soothing treatment available. You also want a natural and safe remedy.

Developed in conjunction with virologists and patented science, Oleavicin combines the most potent olive leaf extract available with other bionutrients in an exclusive formula designed to break the viral infection cycle. In fact, Oleavicin begins protecting and restoring skin cells immediately on contact.

Finally, you can get prescription-strength cold sore and fever blister relief – without the potential side effects or harshness of a conventional pharmaceutical.

Tough on cold sores, gentle on you…naturally!