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What are Cold Sores?

How do Cold Sores Spread?

How to Treat Cold Sores?


Oleavicin's patented formula not only can help reduce the inflammation of cold sores, but actually interrupt the viral infection cycle that leads to cold sores.


You know that embarrassing and painful little blister that pops up on your lip or in your mouth from time to time? It’s likely a cold sore. Caused by a common virus, the cold sore appears when the virus becomes active in your body. Oleavicin helps reduce inflammation from cold sores.


Even after years without a cold sore, canker sore or fever blister, certain everyday triggers such as fatigue, stress, illness, sun overexposure or burns, even cold weather can cause the virus to attack the skin cells around your mouth and other parts of the body.

The result? A painful, contagious, stubborn sore.

The solution? Oleavicin with the natural power of olive leaf extract.