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Everyday triggers such as fatigue, stress, or sunburn can cause the cold sore virus to attack.  Oleavicin soothes and protects on contact.


What Customers and Clinicians are saying...

It is very effective at killing a cold sore. I have actually gone two years without a cold sore. I’ve not been on prescription drugs, but just using Oleavicin. It’s an amazing product. It works really well, and I highly recommend it. - Cody M.

I started using Oleavicin for acne. It works incredibly well for blemishes that are hard to get rid of, and for people with irritated skin. I have very sensitive skin, and I find that Oleavicin is the one that works best for me. I absolutely recommend Oleavicin…for everything! - Patty K.

Oleavicin pleasantly surprised me. Not only for cold sores, but I work in construction and get itchy skin and rashes. I just take a little bit of Oleavicin, rub it on, and it clears me up instantly. - Kevin B.

I was somewhat skeptical, but willing to try it because I’d had an itchy skin problem and occasional fever blisters. I was absolutely amazed. The itching went away immediately. It almost seemed like magic.- Kenneth M.